Sunday, March 04, 2007

things past (and deficiencies present)

Bella Stander makes a fine point while acknowledging the passing of Myer Feldman, a man whom I confess I've never heard of; but apparently an integral part of the JFK presidency.
From the obituary and Bella's commentary:
"Feldman was also the Renaissance man: law school prof, exec assistant to the SEC chairman, adviser to JFK and LBJ, back-door liaison to Israel, founder of a law firm with 100 attorneys, buyer & seller of radio stations, real estate tycoon ("he helped finance the condominium boom in Washington in the 1970s"), adviser to political campaigns, chairman of the executive committee of the Special Olympics."
But wait! There's more. Read this and weep:
"Mr. Feldman was a book review editor for the Saturday Review of Literature and helped produce six plays. In the Kennedy White House, where wit and intellect sometimes seemed a competitive sport, Mr. Feldman and Mr. [Theodore] Sorensen traded memos in rhyming couplets."
If only we could have a White House like that again. SIGH...
Bella wonders what rhymes with Turd Blossom*. I'd like to propose a rhyming couplet using your favourite White House bit player.
I'll start.
Stuck in the shadow of Bush Forty First,
History will recall W's the worst.

(it's things like this that illustrate the lack of effort I put into this blog, my work life, the house, my relationships etc.)
P.S-She put up Nerd Blossom *
Some of the better Bush-related rhymes are here.

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