Monday, April 16, 2007

economics 101

I'm not sure what to make of this yet, but I wouldn't want to try and shake off a determined Yann Martel.
Susan Swan makes a good point as well, given that Mr. Harper has a cash register for a heart.
"And now, I'm coming to my biggest tip. What countries like Ireland know (and Canada too, before you became Prime Minister) is that you have to grow literature, like other businesses. Just the way the Ministry of Natural Resources (both federal and provincial) benefits the oil and gas industry by researching oil fields, and just as the flow-through tax credit encourages the Canadian mining world to develop risky mines, so has cultural funding helped us Canadian artists contribute to our economy through our valuable exports. Did you know that for every dollar you invest in the arts, you get eight back, Mr. Prime Minister? Today, as a small country, we have been boxing above our weight."
Do tell.

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Colin said...

Wouldn't it be a fine thing if an edgy independent bookstore ordered a few copies of each book Martel sends to Mr. Harper, perhaps also a nice display in the window with an explanation, so that we can read the books along with our fearless leader and pass along our comments to him? I hereby pledge to purchase at least one copy of every single such book.

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