Friday, April 13, 2007

Return, you say?

I think this just make my whole month. Love the Harry Potter line, too.
Jesus, this whole affair is not that complicated, but this guy has hit on it.
"We saw a gap. Waterstones, in Islington, started out as a fantastic bookshop, really excellent range, really good stuff. By the time I left, the front of house was all three-for-two and just dull. I went up there a few months ago and it was so depressing. The staff there are all a bit miserable. For us the idea of a bookshop is that your hardcore customers, the ones who keep you alive, who buy 50-100 books a year, they want to come in, chat to us about books, see books they haven't seen before - they want to feel like their passion about books is being reciprocated."
Try and keep that under your hat, okay?

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