Thursday, May 10, 2007

Me too

The Ninja's via Bookslut link to an interview with Dennis Johnson, of Melville House Publishing fame and the (late?) Moby Lives.
Their praise is spot on. For a long time Moby Lives was the coolest site on the Internets for me and for publishing daring, obscure and damn attractive books; and still seeming to pay the bills, him and Valerie are deserving of every superlative heaped upon them.
From the interview,
"So it was nice to get the appreciation, but we still have to choose our battles carefully so that we live to fight another day. But that holds true for all aspects of what we publish. Novels and books of poetry, for example, famously don't sell like they used to. But what's the point of having a publishing house if you can't publish novels or poetry?"

He's the man. Pick something up off Melville's site.

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