Friday, June 01, 2007

Guess it's time to pack it up then, yes?

God, I'm so tired of articles like "my tale of woe trying to break into this business, it's all going to hell anyway."
It seems that Jules Evans is in Britain trying to get his book out into the cold uncaring world and it's not working. Whatever could be wrong with your manuscript?
Oh, likely nothing at all.
It's everything else.
"One can blame agents or publishers for this, but the real ‘fault’ lies with us, the people: we’re not really buying books any more. I’m a writer, and I’m barely buying books any more. Since I finished the research for my book, which involved a huge amount of reading, I’ve barely read a single book. When did you last buy a book?
What do we do instead? We surf the net, which gives us instant easily-digestible bites of information, we snack on information, and spoil our appetites, so that we can’t be bothered to eat the main course of a book.
We want information that flashes, web articles that include music and Youtube video, and the ability to interact, to add online comments, and blogs, and links to our friends. The digital revolution means we barely have the attention to read a newspaper, much less a book."


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