Friday, June 01, 2007

making the world safe...

for spook memoirs.
Valerie Plame, who worked for the CIA had her cover blown by a cabal of Republican nasties,
(Dick Cheney's going to a special corner of Hell for a bunch of reasons, this is just one more)
and is suing the government, citing interference around her to be released memoir.
"Plame contends in court documents that the CIA released information about her work history in an unclassified letter about her retirement benefits. The letter, which the CIA says was sent inadvertently, was ultimately entered into the Congressional Record and says that Plame worked at the CIA for more than 20 years.The lawsuit was announced on the eve of the annual trade convention BookExpo America, when publishers often try to release big news. The book deal for Plame's memoir, "Fair Game," is widely believed to be worth seven figures."
Uh, can someone get to work on Oliver North? He's still allowed to write novels.
God, I'm old.

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