Tuesday, July 24, 2007

beautiful and dangerous....oh baby!

A nice bit of appreciation from Poetry Hut Blog for Copper Canyon Press in the U.S.
Easily one of the premier small presses in the land, and maker of beautiful books.
Also, in a piece many have linked to, Chicago, home to Sandburg and Capone, combined the two on the weekend.

"For the moment, I think I am in a poetry paradise. The party is only beginning.
And then a swarm of police wearing bulletproof vests with badges on ropes around their necks like characters from The Shield illegally storm into this private art gallery. Without so much as a search warrant or even an explanation, five of them surround the DJ and demand he turn off Mark Morrison's "Return of the Mack." Issuing uncompromising threats, they force the DJ to announce over the microphone that without so much as a discussion EVERYONE MUST LEAVE THE PREMISES. Like a scene out of Robocop, a small army, in ominous black jumpsuits with CHICAGO POLICE in big white letters across their chests, arm the exits as hundreds of literate citizens file out into the night."
I love it.

Link via Bookslut
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