Tuesday, July 24, 2007

isn't that nice?

It really is a wonderful thing to read to children, but perhaps a running start is necessary.

"One in 10 parents struggle to understand the bedtime stories they read to their children, a survey by adult learning organisation Learndirect has found. Almost a quarter (23%) skip passages they cannot read or invent words to get to the end of a sentence, the poll found. A third of parents also admit to difficulties in helping their children with their maths homework.
Despite the difficulties, the poll found that reading stories is enjoying a renaissance, with 73% of families preferring it to playing in the park or watching TV."

My father was never one to read stories to me, but he did do a full months work in ensuring that everything in our house worked after we bought it. He'd also never lie to a pollster about preferring to have read to me instead of watching television.
Seventy-three per cent?

Oh, and uh... TV.

"broken, lonely grownups"

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