Saturday, August 11, 2007

another day another apocolypse...

and soon apparently.
Jon Evans born right here in Waterloo, figures the time is nigh for books on paper and publishers who won't let him put his novel(s) online before the digital revolution makes orphans of us all.
There are so many articles like this I'm starting to tune them out, largely as a defense mechanism, but I'm not so sure he's wrong.
The last two paragraphs are here.

"If enough people grow accustomed to reading without paying, then authors will have to go back to being financed by wealthy patrons, publishers will wither away, and readers will find themselves trying to sift gems from an ever-growing mountain of self-published dreck. If readers do choose to pay, they will be able to send their money directly to authors, cutting out publishers entirely, and encouraging successful writers to self-publish rather than settle for a percentage. Either way, a revolution is on the horizon.A new industry will eventually emerge from the chaos. Books aren’t going away, and even bound sheaves of paper will survive in some form. Readership may actually increase — I think it’s safe to say the digital generation doesn’t read as many books as the paper generation, and e-books might change that. But the oncoming digital meteor will hit today’s publishing industry hard, and its dinosaurs are going to die. "

I'm too old and not tech savvy enough to re-invent myself. I rather like being a cute dinosaur, but if readers need a two bit opinion as to what's dreck and what's not; I can work cheap.
Really cheap.

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