Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I use that line at work every Christmas

I'm a lukewarm Rolling Stones fan; never really cared for Mick, but even an outrageous price for Keef's memoir doesn't make him any less a defining figure in rock.

Everything the Stones have done in the last twenty years has been huge, uneven and expensive so why not this?

Having said that, this has the whiff of Emotional Rescue to it already.

Here's a telling anecdote from one of my new favourite places:

"Anyone who knows the least bit o' rock 'n' roll history is aware Richards, one of the founders of The Rolling Stones, has abused himself with drugs and alcohol until he looks like the undead and lurches about like a zombie. Keef himself is well aware of his hard-earned reputation, and takes some pride in it.
While awaiting his scene during filming of the last Pirates of the Caribbean picture, he got so drunk director Gore Verbinski had to kneel out of camera range, propping Keef up so he could slur out his lines.
According to widely circulated press reports last September, Keef supposedly remarked, "If you wanted straight then you got the wrong man."
Yep. Mind like a steel trap. Keef's book is due out in 2010."

For $7 million dollars, I could bring this back into print and still have enough left to put a dent in the resulting legal fees. Some of Tony Sanchez's stuff was undoubtedly fiction, but the stuff he remembered about the period 1967-1987 will pale compared to what Keith Richards remembers.

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