Monday, November 12, 2007

Ah, this show ain't no good

In a fairly accurate sign of the Apocalypse, Borders in the U.S has a "master plan" that allows for televisions in stores as a way to get across to customers that Borders "are not just about books."

It's hard not to find an offensive paragraph in this story, but this will do:

"The screens are “not designed to be intrusive,” Mr. Jones (chief executive) said.

Rather, he said, they are “part of a master plan to create content that will do several things for us,” like directing traffic to the Borders Web site and paving the way to more cross-promotional deals with large media companies."

Brings a tear to the eye, and bile to the throat.

They'll be in a slew of Chapters stores by next year, you can bet on it.

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