Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Reason number 405 why I love Shalom Auslander.
From a recent interview with the San Francisco Chronicle.
(I've maintained for years, budget cutbacks and all; the San Francisco Chronicle is a better bet for book coverage than any daily paper operating in Canada).

"Foreskin's Lament" has its share of critics and defenders. On Amazon the reviews were split about 50-50 when I checked. Some of the critical comments came from people who describe you as a "self-hating" Jew. What do you think about such remarks?
Sometime in the future, when archeologists are sifting through the rubble we leave behind, trying to figure out when it all went wrong, I'm pretty sure that they'll eventually trace it back to the day Amazon launched customer reviews. To answer your question, though — yes, the people who react predictably to these things reacted predictably to this thing. Thank goodness I didn't criticize Israel. It's curious, this "self-hating" thing. "No," they say, "Judaism is loving, Judaism is warm, we don't believe those things." So then shouldn't the target of their anger be the teacher of such things and not the one who was taught them?"


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