Monday, February 18, 2008

Because it takes a drink to open the book in the first place

The "misery memoir" now has a first cousin.

"Meet the growing clique of "hic lit" authors who have forsaken the demon drink and are saving themselves fortunes in therapists' fees by writing about their travails."
Says Scott Pack, former buyer for Waterstone's in the U.K,
"These are the sort of books that are popular with people who don't buy books very often. You can be snotty and think it's not great literature but it gets people reading. Plus real-life stories are more interesting than anything you can make up and these sorts of books are often written unpretentiously."
Presumably, Pack was loaded when he said something this nonsensical.
For God sake, who will tell the children about Frederick Exley?

Posted by Dave

1 comment:

Scott Pack said...

I don't drink.

Plus I was mis-quoted.

Real life stores can sometimes be better than fiction was the general point I was making.

I think.

Tally ho.

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