Monday, February 18, 2008

E is for eventually

The latest (of approximately fifteen billion) articles predicting the rise of the soon to be viable e-book suggests that any day now this bird will fly.

"Some other books have been published online, but they have remained a minority, mainly because the technology has been inconvenient, requiring the viewer to scroll down a computer screen to read a page. But publishers believe the public may at last be willing to accept computerised books following the success of the technology in America."

I try to keep up with developments on the future of the book, and so far I'm just confused.
To summarize, it's very difficult to stay afloat in the publishing/writing game because of costs and work to get damn near any book out into the public consciousness.
It's been true forever and it's getting harder of late.

At bottom, I lie awake some nights over the rise of the non-reader more than the rise of someone who may someday gravitate to a new gadget not made of paper and glue.
No reader, no need for a gadget. And eventually, not much of anything else.

Posted by Dave

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tom s. said...

The biggest driver for e-books is going to be the crappy state of large-print book publishing - so many good books are just not available in large print and so many readers are getting to a stage where small fonts don't work any more.

For me, the ability to increase font size is getting more appealing with each passing year, and with non-luminous displays I must admit there are times I think "maybe I'll get me one of those soon". But I'm not usually the first on the street to get anything, so I'll wait a while yet.

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