Sunday, March 30, 2008

Because the way to one's heart...

is through their bookshelf.
As spring finally presents itself, it's time to display your literary preferences to meet that special someone. However, one has to pay particular attention to the inherent subtleties involves.
" Sussing out a date’s taste in books is “actually a pretty good way — as a sort of first pass — of getting a sense of someone,” said Anna Fels, a Manhattan psychiatrist and the author of “Necessary Dreams: Ambition in Women’s Changing Lives.” “It’s a bit of a Rorschach test.” To Fels (who happens to be married to the literary publisher and writer James Atlas), reading habits can be a rough indicator of other qualities. “It tells something about ... their level of intellectual curiosity, what their style is,” Fels said. “It speaks to class, educational level.”

Actually, I'm quite working class and have comparatively little education; but I've done the reading. Not tall, handy, well off, especially driven, handsome or keen on dogs.
But I've done the reading.
Best bit:

"Let’s face it — this may be a gender issue. Brainy women are probably more sensitive to literary deal breakers than are brainy men. (Rare is the guy who’d throw a pretty girl out of bed for revealing her imperfect taste in books.) After all, women read more, especially when it comes to fiction. “It’s really great if you find a guy that reads, period,” said Beverly West, an author of “Bibliotherapy: The Girl’s Guide to Books for Every Phase of Our Lives.” Jessa Crispin, a blogger at the literary site, agrees. “Most of my friends and men in my life are nonreaders,” she said, but “now that you mention it, if I went over to a man’s house and there were those books about life’s lessons learned from dogs, I would probably keep my clothes on.”

See, this is why I kinda carry a torch for Jessa.

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August said...

I wonder what it says about me that I have 21 volumes of Nabokov (neuroses, anyone?) mixed with 20 volumes of David Eddings, the complete run of Cerebus and more Robertson Davies than Iron Maggie? I shudder to think that I might never see the good side of a woman again.

how to furnish a room said...

Dude, you're a star. Just consider putting some of the Nabakov titles face out in your (perfectly clean) residence

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