Friday, March 21, 2008

In defense

Wow. The Tournament of Books has really messed up badly here.
I've always thought this was a great idea and still do.
That's why I've tracked it's progress (haphazardly) from the beginning.
To move on a bit, as expected I suppose, Josh Ferris over John Lethem.
Ferris is a bright light and I've not seen any Lethem fans call You Don't Love Me Yet his finest work.
Now to Denis Johnson vs Vendela Vida.
I was a fan of Vida from the start, but it's no stretch that she wasn't likely to get far.
That the book did as well as it did is great, but she lost out to Denis Johnson, as per the musings of one Mark Sarvas of TEV fame. He's my favourite blogger going away, so I'm biased, but the response to Mark's judgements was way over the top and needlessly personal.
To me it feels like he was set up, or at least treated pretty shabbily.
I've always enjoyed the commentaries on TOB and none of this is particularly important, but still, why take the low road?

Here's the thread in progress.

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