Monday, March 31, 2008

Never in doubt

We have a winner and it's really not a huge surprise.
The final score is Oscar Wao 12, Tom McCarthy's Remainder 4

Says my man Gary Shteyngart (who knows a thing or two about a good paragraph)

"Junot Díaz has given us the best book of the year, a book that bursts into the room, roughs everyone up, and dictates how things are going to be from now on. And it’s all done with heart, or as much heart as a generous man is allowed in this hemisphere. Not since early Bellow, folks, not since early Bellow…"

And finally I say again, Canada Reads is milquetoast next to the Tournament of Books.
It's lineup could reasonably serve as a first rate guide to what's out there that's essential or at least noteworthy for any given year.
Nice job, one and all.

Posted by Dave

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