Wednesday, June 25, 2008

as on a darkling plain

For the last hour, I've read the comments section on this story and I kind of feel like crying.
From what I can tell, some questionable decisions by management; and Berkely being impossible to do business in had as much to do with Cody's closing (an apparent tripling of the rent sure as hell didn't help) as being pummeled by Amazon/Barnes & Noble etc.
But a surprising number of comments put the blame on a perceived lack of customer service and an off-putting aggressively lefty sensibility on the part of the staff.
So while I'll always mourn the passing of an independent bookstore and will never miss a chance to point out that chain stores and online shopping always make for a much larger carbon footprint and inevitably lead to a denuded tax base; here's my pledge to one and all.
I haven't read a Stephen King novel in years and likely never will again. The appeal of lots of hipster doofus authors is lost on me. But if any of this stuff is brought to my counter, the purchaser will never hear any of my artfully expressed opinions of the politics of the day, and I'll never be anything less than pleasant.
That's a promise. *

Posted by David

Although Ralph Nader is apparently-an a**hole *

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