Wednesday, June 25, 2008

hey what about...?!#$%??$!

Entertainment Weekly used to be a guilty pleasure, but for such an blockbuster friendly mag, their book coverage was not that bad. Especially in a time of shrinking print coverage a decent list is kind of an okay endeavour.
Okay, clearly struggling to find some praise here, but still if "modern classics" can encompass Mystic River, America the Book and Night Manager, then surely there's room for George Pelecanos, Shalom Auslander and Alan Furst?

Seriously, the new Alan Furst is chugging along pretty well and as an espionage guy, he's top shelf. His WW 2 era novels read like James Bond films written by Joseph Conrad.

Posted by David

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August said...

After Dark Voyage (which you actually recommended to me when I was still living in Waterloo and able to sop at your store), Furst has become a favourite of mine. My current project is to pillage all the local book stores so that I can actually read his WW2 books in order.

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