Monday, June 23, 2008

watch this space

I haven't read it yet, but we're not the only ones expecting big things from this guy.

"At the recent big bookseller convention in Los Angeles, dozens of curious readers lined up late on a Saturday afternoon to have Mr. Davidson, clad in a casual black shirt and jeans, autograph their advanced reader copies of his book. Doubleday, which printed a hefty 10,000 early editions to give away, also handed out miniature gargoyles.
Although his publisher won't disclose how much it is spending on its marketing campaign, there will be major print and online advertising. Also planned is an extensive online presence anchored by a Web site titled, where readers will be asked to describe, briefly, "their most intense relationship." There are plans for a Gargoyle Flickr Group on the photo-sharing Web site; a MySpace page, and book-related contests on various other sites. Doubleday is also creating a series of videos inspired by the book.'

We're working on an instore event with Andrew Davidson, and an absolute horde of other passers by in the fall. So far though, this looks like the big get.

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