Thursday, June 05, 2008

If you were a monopoly what kind of monopoly would you be?

Now Magazine's Susan Cole tees off on Heather Reisman (chief book lover/celebrity hound at Indigo) for her sloppy interview skills with Barbara Walters.
"Indigo books honcho Heather Reisman's vanity is out of control.
Her decision – and I guess we can blame publisher Knopf, too – to do an on onstage interview with Barbara Walters wasted a huge opportunity to get inside the heart and mind of the woman who single-handedly turned the on-air interview into pure gold.
A professional journalist would have extracted something more than just a rehash of her book – fascinating as it is – and would have given the audience more than just a conversation between the world's most famous interviewer and one of her greatest fans. Presumably, the folks at Knopf couldn't care less. The event was sold out and Walters's book Audition (see my review here) is #1 on the bestseller list and should stay there for quite a while."

And really, what else matters?

I've no problem with Indigo's getting these kind of events, they're the big dog and celebrity journalism pays down the debt. I'm just surprised that H. Reisman's ego surprises anyone else.

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