Wednesday, June 04, 2008


This is creative sentencing at its finest.
The wankers who trashed Robert Frost's home a few months back have been frogmarched into a class on his poetry.
Noted critic and Frost biographer Jay Parini gets to redeem the future McCain voters with line by line interpretations of Frost's work.
'“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,” he thundered, reciting the opening line of the first poem, which he called symbolic of the need to make choices in life.
“This is where Frost is relevant. This is the irony of this whole thing. You come to a path in the woods where you can say, ‘Shall I go to this party and get drunk out of my mind?”’ he said. “Everything in life is choices.”

The only thing that bugs me about this is the easy "poetic justice" gambit.
Poetic justice would have been making the little bastards read Billy Corgan's poetry while vandalizing their own homes.

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James Bow said...

Off topic, but I am writing to invite you to the Waterloo-Wellington Blogstravaganza that's being held at the Huether Hotel on Saturday, June 14 at 5:30 p.m. We're hoping for an eclectic, multi-partisan crowd to meet for beer and pub grub and good conversation and I hope you can make it out.

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