Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is what a sick dog chasing its tale looks like

In darker moments I wonder if I'm seeing the future.

"The days when Sag Harbor was known as a writers' colony are over," says a local estate agent. "They can't afford the rent any more." Indeed, to rent a three-bedroom cottage from Memorial Day to Labor Day (the period that constitutes the summer in America) now costs at least $75,000."
The article goes on to say that the drunken brawls between writers are a thing of the past, and the shaky economy and book trade are likely to blame.
Listen, if writers can't afford to drink anymore....

"That, in turn, means fewer service jobs available in high-visibility eateries, an alternative way to keep body and soul together for less successful writers. "If my next book isn't a hit I'm thinking of becoming an interior decorator," says a well-known author whose first novel won a series of prizes. "Either that, or write a memoir called My 100 Worst Dates – And the Ice-Cream Recipes That Got Me Through."
The only thing worse than reading a memoir with that title would be reading it sober.

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