Thursday, September 04, 2008

must i hold a candle to my shame?

Russell Smith gets it right around the impact of Stephen Harper's politically brilliant, but disastrous hit on arts funding.

"And so, cruelly, Stephen Harper's poll numbers rise just as he and his crew have inflicted great damage on Canada's international reputation and general level of intellectual sophistication. Politically, it has been a wise move. Here is the frustrating paradox facing the cultural community in its impotent rage: The more protests we mount, the more we bring attention to this popular stance. The Conservatives love divisive issues. They love issues that appeal to the least-educated voter. Polarization is not a good thing for marginal groups."

Years from now, perhaps one of those memoirs of important life lessons I learned from my dog will be acknowledged come Giller time.
If Obama wins we won't have those dumb Americans to kick around anymore, but perhaps we'll have a national mirror.

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