Sunday, November 09, 2008

annual cat herd

The G&M reads the tea leaves on Giller Time and if it's not Rawi Hage's year, Marina Endicott or Mary Swann are the outside bets. I've not read Cockroach, but Hage's first book was quite good and I had a much better time with Endicott than I did with Mary Swann.
I really hope Good to a Fault gets the nod-it's a beauty, and if Canadian Giller juries like "a nice clean narrative" then I'm still waiting to hear an explanation around the shortlist two years ago.

Alas, I'm never right on these things.
Not to quibble Mr. Gorham, but I've yet to hear from anyone surprised that Elizabeth Hay got the nod last year over Michael Ondaatje.
Just saying.

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