Monday, November 10, 2008

Long knives or just offering to trim the 'fro a bit

If you're just not a fan of Malcolm Gladwell, you're one stop shop is right here.
Eye Weekly in a pretty nasty article, has a bit of perspective on how huge the guy is:
"Outliers, his third book, will get an American print run of 750,000, rivaled on that day only by Burning Up: On Tour With the Jonas Brothers, and only exceeded in aspiration by The Christmas Sweater by conservative crank Glenn Beck, a memoir by media crank Ted Turner, and a follow-up to the book YOU: An Owners Manual. (Lest you wonder why big booksellers are feeling totally hopeless about this holiday season."

It looks like the knives have come out for Gladwell because he's seen as a safe middlebrow practitioner of non-fiction, and that there's something wrong with that.
It's a ridiculous argument designed for reviewers to puff out their chests.
Full disclosure dictates that I've skimmed his first two books and I've always maintained that the synthesized nonfiction narrative that Gladwell does pretty well is actually done better here, (and he's a local now, too!).
Now as for booksellers feeling totally helpless, that's just Barnes and Noble.
It says here that they're right behind the car companies and the insurance industry hoping for a bailout package.
Our place is doing alright, and by the way you can order Outliers, or anything else online with us now.

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