Monday, December 08, 2008

and she wouldn't know a good book if it landed in her inedible clam dip, too

I'm both repelled and attracted to book clubs. From my little perch there are dozens and dozens of people whose company I would greatly enjoy while parsing over a good (or a not so good) novel.
The right setting a couple hours, a drink or two with a good group...?
What's not to like?


'The last straw came when the group picked “The Da Vinci Code” and someone suggested the discussion would be enriched by delving into the author’s source material. “It was bad enough that they wanted to read ‘Da Vinci Code’ in the first place,” Ms. Bowie said, “but then they wanted to talk about it.”
Also, "a professional book-group facilitator who leads a dozen suburban New York groups and charges $250 to $300 a member annually for her services." (!)

I thought we were in a recession.

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