Friday, December 05, 2008

Finally, a use for Facebook

although, I never thought to check until now.
For all the predictable year end lists, my favourite has been the last couple days from here.
The Nerd knows her stuff- and to quote directly,

"Far be it from me to knock the biggest moneymaker since Harry Potter, but I guess I prefer my vampires a little less beautiful and a little more clever. Why should vampires, if they existed in the modern world, look like Gothic lotharios? Why couldn't they look like, for example, a hapless all-night convenience store clerk in California, hopelessly infatuated with a non-vampire Goth chick, who's swept away in turn by a surfer jerk (who is also a vampire)?"

For that matter why can't vampires look like a shifty PI doing a tightrope act between vampire clans in New York cleaning up messes that no one else can stomach?
Or why can't the undead and vaguely inhuman be the exclusive domain of Kelly Link?

The Nerd also gives some much deserved love to Andrew Sean Greer, who in addition to being a nice fellow, is a pitch perfect writer. In between Facebook posts, he wrote one of my favourite novels of the year.

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