Thursday, May 07, 2009

shiny and new

This dump almost looks respectable.
Much thanks to Mandy for tarting up the place, and to Colin Ellard-- famous all over town now that his book is out.
He'll be part of our Words Worth Hearing series along with Thomas Homer-Dixon on June 2.
Details are here.

I'm not about to keep up with Colin's erudition, so now its back to the usual snark and nonsense.

I give you every Douglas Coupland novel ever written.
Mean-spirited certainly. But absolutely spot on.

Character A: You remember that Thing*? I remember that Thing.
Character B: I remember that Thing also.
Character A: Our shared remembrance of that Thing constitutes a lasting and real human connection!
Character C: And hey, you know what’s fucking hard? Growing as a person and finding out who I am. Because, who I am is like, well, do you remember that very special Christmas episode of Three’s Company, where Jack puts a plant on his head? It was like, you know, the shitty season, after Suzanne Sommers was replaced by Priscilla Barnes? Anyways, that’s what it’s like to hate my job so much? Did I mention I hate my job?

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