Monday, July 06, 2009

Bad Covers Monday?

Inspired by one of my fave blogs, i09, and their collecton of terrible SciFi covers, I want to show you one of the silliest covers I have come across: The Sorrows of Young Werther, Modern Library reprint edition. Regard above.
I love Modern Library. But. I really dislike full-on portrait covers. Mostly because the person on the front never reminds me of the character it is depicting. In the case of this book, I just feel embarassed for Young Werther for being so obvious in his sorrow. I'm surprised they didn't decide to add a little glimmer effect on the edge of his tear rivulet.
But seriously check out i09's gathering of awesome SciFi covers. They will "make your eye sockets bleed".
What is the worst cover you've ever seen? Maybe I should make this a regular feature: Monday Worst Cover Ever Day on the blog.

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