Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alexi Zentner ~ Touch

If you have already read THIS then you know how excited we are about our upcoming event with Rupinder Gill. Joining her is Alexi Zentner, a former KW resident with his first novel Touch. I started reading this last night and I shift could end soon so that I can get home and keep reading! Sawgamet is a mining boomtown gone bust, a logging village where the cold of winter breaks the glass of the schoolhouse thermometer, where the dangers of working in the cuts are overshadowed by the dark mysteries lurking in the woods. Thirty years after his grandfather's pronouncement, Stephen, now a pastor with a wife and family, returns home on the eve of his mother's funeral, to reconnect with the stories of his mythic grandfather and to confront the losses of childhood. Introducing a world of wonder and tenderness, a world where the monsters and witches of the woods are set against singing dogs and golden caribou, Touch is a haunting tale of three generations of love and loss in a town in Northern BC.

- Bronwyn

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