Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Drum Roll!

The winners of last week's newsletter-blog-crossover draw are:

Paulina, receives a copy of Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen!

Kiirstin, recieves a copy of The Color of Water by Kim Dong Hwa!

You can pick up your free books at the store, under your first name!

AND, because no one loses on this blog, Carolyn and Jessica will also recieve a free book, here's what I have to choose from:

Leave a comment here, Carolyn and Jessica, as to which book you would like and I'll put it aside for you! Thanks to everyone who reads our blog and for sending in your comments.

I really enjoyed this little giveaway so check back in peridoically to see if I have another one! They will be spontaneous, so keep in touch!



Paulina said...

Thanks for the book, Mandy! I'm really looking forward to reading this.

Anonymous said...

My pleasure. Seriously, I love that you get to read Along for the Ride for the first time. Enjoy.
*does double take* Have you picked it up already?! I'm scanning our pick up shelves and don't see it anymore. I must have just missed you. :)


Paulina said...

I was in uptown Waterloo a couple of hours ago and stopped by the store. Sorry I missed you, Mandy.

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