Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Not really book related, but...

The best thing happened to me today at work: a customer told a "NOT" joke! Truly! She had lost her wallet (which is the worst part of this best thing happening, I hope she finds it soon) but still remained in good humor; "Well this is a good thing...(wait for it) "NOT"!!"
People who know me better than they would like to will recognize the appeal of this situation on my small but excitable mind.

And I want to call out to Dave, who has been away for two days at the London Book Fair:

"Okaaay, JOKE'S OVER, come back to work"


"I really could care less if you are away...(wait for it) NOT!"

See, Dave, the state of the blog since you've gone? Hurry back, or so help me more borg pictures.


1 comment:

David said...

Get back to work, darlin'.

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